Vintage-inspired apron

Have you ever gotten (or made) a present for someone that was so amazing you wanted to keep it for yourself? I wanted to make an apron for a friend of mine who has similar hostess tendencies as well as a desire to "play house" while at school. I was looking for a more feminine pattern than typical barbecue aprons, but had difficulty finding free patterns on the internet. I did, however, find the following simplicity vintage pattern. I was set to buy it, but couldn't find it on ebay or any site. The apron on the left was perfect for my friend.

This was my first attempt at making a pattern from scratch. I started out by taking detailed notes about the pattern, with fabric pieces, trim options, etc. Then, since I didn't have tissues paper or other suitable material to cut out a pattern, I used newspaper. It had slightl less give than normal material, but it came out really well. Since the print that I chose for the apron was somewhat thin, I lined the apron in a contrasting blue to make it more sturdy. The pictures of the finished product are below.

Overall, I think the apron turned out great. Future suggestions for this would be to measure out the amount of trim because I grossly underestimated it (I could have bought more, but both of the Wal-marts near me closed down). Also, to make the scalloped edges more noticable on the finished product, I need to make them more dramatic in the pattern.
All things aside, it was a great first attempt at making my own pattern and I'm excited to try another. =)