Turning a heel and Sunday Surprises

For my first knitting project, I wanted to do something a little more complex than a typical project (that's just the type of person I am), so I went with a sock on dpn. Since I follow Grumperina's blog on a regular basis and have seen the popularity of her jaywalkers, I decided to make a pair for myself. I picked out a lovely variegated fall-colored yarn (I can't find the tag at the moment, but it the colorway was called "gold rush") at a local yarn store. Considering how far along I am now, I think the fall colors will be appropriate for their finished date. To be honest, I probably bit off a little more than I can chew with this pattern. Although I've had to take out several rows at a time because either the double decrease didn't work or something just seemed off, I can say that I am progressing forward.

For me, the most interesting part (aside from how simple the actual pattern is yet how complex it looks) has been turning the heel. At first I thought I read the directions wrong because only a few stitches are knit at a time. However, with some faith in the patter (and now some hindsight), it makes sense. Everything is pulled together in a sort of zig-zag fashion, where every row incorporates an extra stitch until they are all accounted for.

Now with all the talk, I'll give you a picture of my only knitting WIP, my jaywalker sock:

As for Sunday surprises, as I was typing this up, I heard my dad yell "There's a hummingbird in the garage!" Sure enough, there is. We're having trouble getting it out since the bird won't stop flying right near the ceiling, but we are trying. I have a few small pictures that aren't detailed, but I still thought it was an interesting thing. Out of all the animals that we've found in our garage, this is the first time I've ever seen a hummingbird there.

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