The WIP that was

Everyone has that one stupid WIP that they started and have yet to finish. The project that seemed like it would be quick to finish, the project that seemed not to be impossible, the project that just wasn't...you.

My personal Behemoth was a quilt that has been sitting in my attic, 80% finished, for four years. It was my graduation project that I was supposed to finish in 11th grade, but since I had no idea how to actually quilt the monstrosity, I *cringe* stapled it together and left pins in it so it was usable as a prop for my presentation. Now I've completed my junior year of college, and I finally decided to take the poor thing out of the attic.

I have been tackling it on and off for the past month or so. Challenges: stinkbugs (I dunno what they're really called), both living and dead, were in and on the blanket. Ew. I appliqued stars all over the quilt before I actually knew how to applique, so I spent about 3 hours seamripping the darn suckers off. You know the old "measure twice, cut once?" Well I never measured the back piece (this was my first quilt), so it's a jagged edge that results in the quilt not having jagged edges of its own. And finally, the quilting process itself. My machine is not cut out for detailed quilting (especially without a quilting foot), so all attempts turned out shy of disastrous.

In the end, I put a wave design on the border and zigzag stitched the small squares between posts. The net result is a stellar quilt (pun intended) with not a whole lot of quilting. The final test for this quilt is a run through the washing machine to get rid of attic smell residue, quilt pencil markings, and an overall stress test for the sucker. I'll have pictures up tomorrow.

That being said, I can now start on my next quilt. This will be my third quilt (I never put up pictures of my mother's day quilt), and will be for my sister as she goes off to college. The pattern is from Grandma's Best Quilt Blocks. I absolutely love this book. The pattern itself is called Shoo-fly, and I'm doing it in green and yellow. She's going off to school at Boston in the fall, so I hope it will keep her warm.

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