Long overdue updates

Since my sister left just 15 minutes ago for her college orientation, it's been somewhat of a wake-up call that I -NEED- to get a move on on her quilt. I do have all the blocks and sashing done; it's just a matter of cutting the edge triangles (since the blocks are set on point--don't let the following picture make you think otherwise). I ran into several fabric issues (since the white was scrap anyway, I was hoping it would be enough and it just barely was. My main concern now is getting backing fabric, batting, a quilting foot for my machine (perhaps this isn't the best time to learn how to stipple), but I ran into a snag. All of the "local" (as in less than 20 minutes away) Wal-marts are shut down for renovation, were relocated, or some other thing. I didn't consider this to be a problem until my favorite fabric/craft store was replaced by an AC Moore, which doesn't have fabric. So I went to the closest fabric store, only 5 minutes away. I prefer not to go there because they don't treat young people nicely and are terribly overpriced. Also, I was surprised by their limited selection. And the fact that they cater towards quilters, yet only had one or two quilting feet for the sewing machine and couldn't tell me the difference. Very disappointing. Here is a picture of what I've pieced together for the top so far. The white may seem like an odd choice, but the green is actually gingham, so there is white.
I've been searching online and found this fabric that I think would be absolutely perfect for the back of the quilt. I'm hopefully going to order it by the end of the week.

As for other projects, the Mrs. Darcy cardigan is nearing completion! I currently have BOTH sleeves on the needle (which is both scary and awesome at the same time), so as soon as they're done I'll be blocking and seaming. It looks like i may have this finished by September, which was my goal. The yarn is more gray than purple/brown, but my camera was running low on batteries so I didn't want to fuss with color.

And once again I changed my mind about what to do with my "sock" yarn...since the whole sock thing isn't working out so well, I'm gonna try to make these amazing wristwarmers. But I won't be starting those until the cardigan is finished, but it's nice to know about new projects. =)

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