My first sweater ever

Has been finished, but I've definitely taken my sweet time blogging about it. Now that school has started and I have a crazy schedule (again), I don't know how much knitting/sewing/whatnot I'll get done, but I guess we'll see.

I absolutely love this cardigan. My only complaints (few) would be the length, but if I wanted it longer then I would have altered it. Also, my buttonholes came out a little too large for the buttons I picked, but I'm sure I can come up with something (maybe just reinforcing them with some stitches...more crochet?) to make the buttons stay a little better.

This was a great first sweater to knit, in my opinion. You only need to know stockinette, garter, twisted rib (which is explained clearly in the pattern), and how to in/decrease. My only suggestion would be to explain (to mainly novice knitters like myself) which in/decrease would be recommended depending on the location. Such as to make things symmetrical, the left side should be decreased differently than the right. However, both the internet and knitting books can easily explain this, so it's a minor flaw at best.

I love the long sleeves. The cute ribbing at the waist. And most importantly, the "oohs" and "ahhs" I get when people see it...and then being able to brag that I knit it.


Pooling nightmare

Ironic that there's a "good and bad examples of pooling" thread up, because I have a picture to submit. These were the Anny Purls wristwarmers based off of Hello Yarn's Cable twist socks. Right when I got to the thumb gusset on the first (left) one, I realized I was doing the left-twist slightly wrong, but I admired the uniqueness. I loved how the pattern twisted to the left, but the striping of the sock went to the right.
I cast it off, then started the second one. Unfortunately, I didn't have the first with me, so I had no way of comparing the pooling patterns, but I thought they may be a little different. When I put the two together, it's horribly obvious. I used Mountain Colors Yarn in Goldrush for these handwarmers 'cause I didn't like the way they were looking with Grumperina's Jaywalkers. Of course, now by doing some online searches, I found it's best to usew two balls or two ends of a skein and alternate the strands every two or so rows to prevent this. So...what does this mean? I'm going to finish them (for sake of saying I did), then probably put them away thinking I will wear them when in actuality, I won't, and when I don't have money to buy yarn but am in the mood to knit, I will frog them and start over with all of this advice in mind. So there it is.

Coustume Rough Draft

So this is what I have so far:
Below is a better picture of the wings from that I made using the Threadbanger tutorial (see previous post for a link), but these stull need to be decorated. However, I'm not sure if I really want to go the "fairy" route right now or if I'd rather ditch the wings and go as a "nymph".
The costume is still in its' early stages, but so far I like how it looks. I think I need to buy some iridescent green sheer fabric, whether fancy like this, or simpler like this, especially to fill in the back.
I finally finished my cardigan, but I've yet to take pictures of it. I'll post them here and do a full review of the Mrs. Darcy pattern on Ravelry.


The summer of quilts...

...has officially drawn to a close with the finished Shoo Fly Quilt for my sister. This is by far the best and nicest quilt to date, and I'm still somewhat in awe because I made it.

It's perfect. It's wonderful. And she loves it.

Glee aside, I'm going to be taking a break from quilts for several reasons.
1. I've worn myself out from them
2. I want to work on making clothes. Totally into this vintage-craze
3. I won't have my sewing machine down at school, so it's not much of an option anyway.
My newest project will now be my Halloween costume, which is going to be a fairy. It is somewhat less glamorous than costumes I've made in the past, but I'm a little pressed for time. Once I get to the store, I'm going to buy some stockings and make the wings first. I found this great tutorial for making wings that looks simple but promising.


A little Bit of Motivation...

...goes a long way.

The quilt top is finished! Well, as finished as it can get before my backing fabric comes and I decide if I want an extra border sash or not. My sister spied it today, declared it cute, and asked me who I was making it for. To which I (un)stealthily replied... "I dunno yet." Hopefully she doesn't think too much about it.

Got more done on the Mrs. Darcy sleeves, but I'm going crazy with the slow progression of it so I cast on the handwarmers just for a change of pace. It's not much, but the bright colors of the yarn were a far cray from the gray of the cardigan.

Neither item looks different enough to warrant pictures, so sorry.