Pooling nightmare

Ironic that there's a "good and bad examples of pooling" thread up, because I have a picture to submit. These were the Anny Purls wristwarmers based off of Hello Yarn's Cable twist socks. Right when I got to the thumb gusset on the first (left) one, I realized I was doing the left-twist slightly wrong, but I admired the uniqueness. I loved how the pattern twisted to the left, but the striping of the sock went to the right.
I cast it off, then started the second one. Unfortunately, I didn't have the first with me, so I had no way of comparing the pooling patterns, but I thought they may be a little different. When I put the two together, it's horribly obvious. I used Mountain Colors Yarn in Goldrush for these handwarmers 'cause I didn't like the way they were looking with Grumperina's Jaywalkers. Of course, now by doing some online searches, I found it's best to usew two balls or two ends of a skein and alternate the strands every two or so rows to prevent this. So...what does this mean? I'm going to finish them (for sake of saying I did), then probably put them away thinking I will wear them when in actuality, I won't, and when I don't have money to buy yarn but am in the mood to knit, I will frog them and start over with all of this advice in mind. So there it is.


Anonymous said...

Hi... blizknit from Ravelry here. I'm thinking you must have cast on at a different point in the color variation. See if you can cast on at the exact point you did for the first one. Hope this helps!

Lindsay said...

I had this same problem once, and I came to the conclusion that the huge hank of yarn, while being dyed, did not have a uniform circumference. Some loops on the inside of the hank were much shorter than loops on the outside. This makes for yarn that will spiral for a while but then the spiral will get thicker and slower...hope that makes sense!