The summer of quilts...

...has officially drawn to a close with the finished Shoo Fly Quilt for my sister. This is by far the best and nicest quilt to date, and I'm still somewhat in awe because I made it.

It's perfect. It's wonderful. And she loves it.

Glee aside, I'm going to be taking a break from quilts for several reasons.
1. I've worn myself out from them
2. I want to work on making clothes. Totally into this vintage-craze
3. I won't have my sewing machine down at school, so it's not much of an option anyway.
My newest project will now be my Halloween costume, which is going to be a fairy. It is somewhat less glamorous than costumes I've made in the past, but I'm a little pressed for time. Once I get to the store, I'm going to buy some stockings and make the wings first. I found this great tutorial for making wings that looks simple but promising.

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