Slow progress

I got the yarn for mr ribbed lace bolero, and am about 6" into it. Exciting stuff, I must say.

People want me to make them knitwear, but I'm unsure of their commitment. Nothing worse than buying yarn and investing time to make something that someone no longer wants and you don't like/can't wear.

Halloween costume is finished!



dpn twist.

crap crap crap.

Went to ravelry for hopes of a miracle, didn't see much of one. However, if I want to fudge it, I did find this online...you can basically untwist and just knit over it. It may not be pretty, but I'm thinking if I pull out a few stitches to get back to row 1 where I joined (stitches, not rows), then I can twist with minimal nitce, re-knit it up, and go from there. I can pull the joining piece a little tighter to fix the gap that'll result, and I was planning on adding a row of crochet to the hem anyway (my cast ons are still a little too messy to not require finishing), so we'll see. I'll take pictures of this attempt when I get around to it. For now, though, I have to go study and hit up a bake sale table. Wish me luck!


Moving Forward

Okay, so some (and I do mean only -some-) of the insanity in my life has calmed down, and I can get back to knitting/sewing. I have a few projects at hand.

1. My very own argyle piece.
- It started with me drooling over Eunny's argyle vest. Then I decided I didn't want to pay/set up paypal (oh, and I'm still TERRIFIED of steeks). So I was looking at taking Eunny's arglye pattern and applying it to a simpler vest (such as the Gilmore vest that I saw on Ravelry. But problems arose 'cause the numbers didn't mesh, and I decided I didn't want a vest. So it's all up to me. This will be my second design. So far all I've done is a little math and came up with my chart. Can I point out I'm amazed at how much math goes into knitting? I mean, I see Grumperina do it all the time, but still. I have a sketch im mind, but I'll scan it in once I put it down on paper. For now, all I have is a crappy version of the color chart. The colors are somewhat accurate, mainly just swap white for cream.

2. A set of bags for Nicole.
- I wanted to make Nicole something homemade for her birthday, so I was thinking of a set of bgas--one large tote, one tiny clutch, and a medium-sized bag. So far I have the large bag based off (if not entirely using) Kerri Made's Tote Bag Tutorial. The smaller bag will be my own entirely, and the medium one I'm thinking of basing off a hobo that I have in corduroy. However, my color scheme will be black and this great Asian silk I have. This is the color scheme (but not the print, and black where the white is)

3. Quilted "Cambrian Explosion" Hanging
- My Animal Diversity and Morphology professor is an enxtremely enthusiastic woman who alsways talks about how gorgeous the renditions of animals during the Cambrian Explosion are, so I want to try to make a modest quilt hanging (3'x4') depicting some of those images. My google search has turned up the following links:
My biggest concern with this project is the extensive amount of applique work that will have to be done. Luckily after my Sunbonnet Quilt (gosh, I wish I had pikkers of that!), I'll well experienced in applique.

So we'll see. I'll update when I can.