Crunch Time

It's right before Thanksgiving, so naturally my mind is in two places:



At this point, neither are pleasant. I have detailed gifts that don't cost a lot of $$, but will eat my time. All the things I want to do are either sewing or knit, so we'll see.

My "ribbed bolero shrug" on ravelry is coming along nicely--albeit slowly. You'd think that since it's lace-ish and not stockinette or garter that I'd be beasting through it, but it's not the case. Plus, there's one reallllly ugly spot that's not going to be hidden--oh well.

The graduate student that I do research with was supposed to be due on Friday, so I've been working all week (when I have free time) to make the little boy a set of Saartje booties and a matching cap. The hat is a combination of patterns I found. I wanted ribbing, I wanted two tone, and I wanted as much garter as possible to compliment the booties. Here is one bootie (I'll be working on the second after this post) without the buttonholes or the buttons. Last time I made these booties I wanted to use bobble closures instead, but I found buttons at the last minute. This time, however, I am sticking to the bobbles, and thanks to the help of another Raveler, I now know how. And here you can see the hat too.
One final note: my boyfriend took one look at these and declared them "Halo" booties from the Halo video game series for the XBox due to the color scheme. Oh well. I wanted something masculine, and these were the only colors I had. Personally, I think it blows baby blue out of the water, but that's just me. *shrug*

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