New Project

So even though I only mentioned the scarf yesterday, I've been working on it since the Superbowl. And this morning, I ran out of yarn. So...until I go home again to get the extra skein, I had to switch projects (I don't want to be uselessly idle on my mornig commute).

So I'm starting my first intarsia project--an argyle sweater vest. At first I wanted to try Eunny's Argly Vest (I've had this yarn for a LOOONG time, since October), but it scared me a little too much. When I came across an adorable vest on Craft's podcasts, I printed it out. It's been sitting in my Ravelry queue for a while, but as of now, it is a started project! Woo!

I think that the idea for clothespin bobbins to hold all the yarn is a great idea. So far I've done the ribbing on the bottom and have set up all or most of my bobbins.
I didn't bring the CC2 yarn with me, but I think it may be better this way. If I don't like it, I have an excuse to learn grafting, right? 0=)


Disgustingly long hiatus...

You know, I remember I used to get so angry with people that were never "up" with their blogs. Where they'd have a frenzy of posts and then suddenly poof! Nothing. I am starting to get it: life is ridiculously busy and complicated, and only the truly dedicated can post regularly. I am impressed by them.

I don't have pictures of either of my Christmas gifts (still! I know, awful. Even "my notebook" in Ravely can't shame me into getting pictures enough.

I have started a new project with the remainder of the yarn from the shrug I made. I definitely forgot to read the part that said to switch to size 10 needles, so the thing doesn't even fit me. *sigh* Plus side is I have a lot of yarn, so I'm putting it to good use. I'm using the remainder (and if I need more, I will gladly frog the shrug) to make the Double Dropped Scarf. I'm using Cotton ease and size 4 needles. I ended up using circulars because they were the only thing I had on hand, but they're much better for commuting than regular needles. The shortness, flexibility, and ability to protect the ends much more easily is a definite plus.

I started student teaching, and since the commute is about an hour, I'm hoping to get some knitting done. The first week I was too nervous about missing my stop, but I'm getting better at it. The downside is that the buses and trolleys are usually packed to standing in the afternoons, so I guess it will only be a morning activity.

Regardless, here is a lovely closeup of the scarf. I love it.