New Project

So even though I only mentioned the scarf yesterday, I've been working on it since the Superbowl. And this morning, I ran out of yarn. So...until I go home again to get the extra skein, I had to switch projects (I don't want to be uselessly idle on my mornig commute).

So I'm starting my first intarsia project--an argyle sweater vest. At first I wanted to try Eunny's Argly Vest (I've had this yarn for a LOOONG time, since October), but it scared me a little too much. When I came across an adorable vest on Craft's podcasts, I printed it out. It's been sitting in my Ravelry queue for a while, but as of now, it is a started project! Woo!

I think that the idea for clothespin bobbins to hold all the yarn is a great idea. So far I've done the ribbing on the bottom and have set up all or most of my bobbins.
I didn't bring the CC2 yarn with me, but I think it may be better this way. If I don't like it, I have an excuse to learn grafting, right? 0=)

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