Quilt for Harmonoo

My one roommate, Harmony, moved in with us in January. She stayed until we moved out in May. For 101 reasons this girl was a blessing...she helped even out the male:female ratio in our apartment, she kept the messes down, she was clean, and, like me, she was totally into all crafty things. She also makes her Halloween costumes from scratch, she makes amazing cards and stuff with card stock (that I can't do), she sews, and she started knitting.

Needless to say, when I moved out to suburbia (and she moved upstairs) in June, I wanted to get her something special 'cause I hope we stay close. Then I realized it would be a thousand times better if I were to make something. However, since I decided this about 4 days before we had to move out, I was limited and was working on this quilt all the way through--and past the last hour. In the car drive to Philly and for about an hour past that I was furiously sewing the binding to the quilt, but I got it done.

The picture below was taken by Harmony. Like always, I forget to take pictures, but she graciously agreed to take one for me. I see now that my quilt is featured as a wall hanging in her new apartment.

This, like the table runner, was a scrap fabric-only quilt. But I think it turned out great.

Blocks are approximately 6" in diameter