Winter garments in August

I have tons of pretty sweaters in my queue on Ravelry, but to get my feet wet in the knitting world I wanted to start with some smaller projects (the dropped scarf was lost when I moved from Philly back home but was recently found again, so I'll be working on it after I finish my new projects.

I'm teaching for the first time ever this fall, and I want to show some school spirit. Unfortunately, I may only be there three months (filling in for maternity leave), so I don't want to spend $20 on an article of clothing that I may never wear again. My sister in law gave me tons of yarn from a relative, so I have lots of colors to choose from. The only issue is that most it is half a skein or less; not the ideal amount to make a scarf with. But 3 half skeins...that's doable. I was looking for something easy, and while browsing through Ravelry's multitude of patterns, I found this Super Easy Plaited Scarf. My modification was to only cast on 4 stitches (I really didn't have a lot of yarn), and I added tassles. Pictures coming as soon as I get my digital camera back.

In addition, my sister loves fingerless gloves, and I had her pick out a few patterns...only now I can't remember which patterns are for her and which were for me! I wanted a simple pattern for some classier fingerless gloves (my brown and cream striped glittens don't exactly scream "grown-up", so I decided to knit Carissa's Cabled Fingerless mitts. These have been significantly altered; all information is on my Ravelry page (username: mlichtenwalner).

I've got some sewing projects on the back burner--a biology quilt for my college biology department, a baby quilt for my sister-in-law's sister-in-law (she and I are collaborating on a project for her nephew), and some clothes.

Again, pictures soon to follow.

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