Produce Bag (with pattern)

So I have lots of reusable grocery bags (pre-bought and custom-made), but there's always the issue of produce bags. Personally, I don't care if my fruits and veggies aren't bagged, but the bf isn't a fan and I feel bad for the cashiers. But I'm not a fan of plastic. I turned to Ravelry and several other sites, but the bags are far too much work to hold fruit. So I decided to fashion my own pattern. It uses the double-drop stitch which helps this knit up fast. It is also very stretchy an can hold a lot of produce. It is in hideous acrylic stash yarn, but I figured it'd continue the "eco" trend if I didn't buy more yarn to make the project.

I knit it flat, and then sewed up the bottom and most of the side. I left it about 1/4 of the way open to help cram produce in. I just crocheted a drawstring and threaded it in--I have still to try and make an I-cord.

So, here's my pattern:

Cast on 50 stitches.
R1-5: K across

Double Dropped Stitch pattern--repeat until desired height of bag is achieved, ending with a "R7"
R 6: *K, YO, YO* to end
R7: *K, "drop" both YO* to end (back to 50 stitches)
R8: K across

K last 5 rows, cast off.
Sew up bottom of bag and 3/4 of side. Weave in ends.
Crochet a chain twice the width of the bag, weave in the uppermost section of "dropped" stitches.

Go shopping!

My sister-in-law is holding onto all of my yarn and fabric stash (there just isn't enough space in my apartment), but when I grab more yarn, I'd like to try and make one 100% out of crochet. I think it'll be even easier and take less time (yay!)

A flat view
A view showing the part that I left unstitched

Holding 12 pieces of fruit!

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