Teacher-y Clothes

In the spirit of crafting, and much like Marisa's Dress a Day, I am currently aspiring to NOT buy any new clothes...but I'm cutting myself off after December (a girl can only do so much). My main project of the summer was a wrap dress. Ironically enough, the fabric I chose was eerily similar to the fabric on Version A. The pattern is a See & Sew (I'm going the cheap route here) B5166. My mods were as follows:
  • Use more hook and eyes in the fron because that would have been a LOT of cleavage to show to my students .
  • Shorten the dress to right above the knee.
  • Shorten the sleeves to short-sleeve length.
  • Accidental: I forgot to cut one of the panels "backwards", but it turned out okay--I kinda like it better.

Overall, I am quite happy with how it turned out. I love the flutter sleeves on version B and think it'd look great in a slinky knit. I did not like the directions for the collar...there really wasn't anything to "clean up" the appearance of the collar. So I cut an extra piece of fabric and used an invisible stitch to make it look better. I also wish that the belt was either thicker or had interfacing...it didn't really help.
A picture with my own added belt... I think it also helps break up the dress and define my waist a bit better...always a plus (my apartment is such a mess!).
Also, on a personal note, I really need to learn how to make better bust darts. I know that they are supposed to be curved, but I don't really understand which direction. There is surprisingly a lack of information on this topic on the internet.

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