A year

Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer.
Packing. Moving. Unpacking.
School. Lesson Plans. School.
Sewing. Knitting. Designing?
After a year, though, I'm back.
This summer was all about sewing aprons. Why aprons? Well, for one, they are cute-as-can-be, and useful (or at least, I thought that they were). Secondly, it was a good way to get back into sewing as aprons really don't have major fit issues. And they also rock at getting rid of stash fabric and trim. I tried to sell them on Etsy and at a First Friday in my hometown, but neither of those were huge successes (one lady at FF even told me that "no one wears those anymore"). So now, I give them away as either birthday presents or apartment-warming presents. And maybe, just maaaybe, I'll profit off of them. For the time being, here are all of the aprons that I made over the summer. Some have new homes, some are still waiting.

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