Hats off to me!

I created the lovely Edna Rose hat which I found on Ravelry but links to The Complete Fabrication's blog. She has a lot of very nice free patterns, so I'm sure that I'll be hading back to that site in hte future.

Anyway, onto my hat--it's the same color(almost exactly), but I had the color and yarn picked out before I started looking for patterns. I have so much yarn stashed I try to do it this way so that I don't keep buying more.

This hat is a wee loose on my head (probably because I didn't check my gauge...shh!), but the pattern itself was very clear and easy to follow. It's simply adorable, and I cannot wait to mail it out to my friend Deb as a belated birthday gift.

As I start posting more stuff (I have a lot of finished projects I need to document), I want to start taking better fashion photographs. The Cupcake Goddess wrote a very nice post about tips and tricks to use, so I'll be sure to read that a few times over as I try to get better.

But for now, here are photos of my finished hat!