A cookie made right

I don't like Snickerdoodles. To me, they're a boring cookie. They're a sugar cookie that thinks it's something more fancy.

At least, I didn't like them. Until I made them with a good recipe. My sister is at school in Boston, and these happen to be her favorite cookies. So instead of going with a random recipe, I pulled out the fancy cookbooks devoted solely to cookies my stepmom gave me. There were rwo recipes from two different books, so I went with the recipe I'd have to do less substituting with.

As it was, I did have to do some substituting. I didn't have molasses, so I swapped it with honey (does anyone else love the "substitution lists" at the end of cooking books? I reference by Better Homes and Gardens one at least once a week). And... no butter. But SmartBalance (not the best substitute as the texture was off and I had to add more flour to compensate). Oh, and no nutmeg alone (I subbed in pumpkin pie spice). The baking time was way off for my batches...more like 9 minutes instead of the 16-18. But, they looked okay.

I figured I had to try one since after all, I did make them.
Fantastic. Totally chewy. Cinnamony but not dominating. Sweet but not nauseating. While they won't be my new favorite cookie, I won't turn them down again (assuming I make them, of course!)

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