Cropped Cardi Progress

I almost caved.
It was a looong week that pulled me in every direction but crafting (Monday paperwork + dinner with a friend, Tuesday gym {but didn't go because I felt like crap both physicall and mentall [yay students!]}, Wednesday dentist + dinner with the family, Thursday boyfriend's brother's birthday, and Friday school play).
And this cardigan seemed to get bigger, but at such a slow rate I was getting very bored with the project. I figured if I could only get to the 60 stitches between markers, so I could take the sleeves off...but it never seemed to happen.
My SIL holds my fabric and yarn stash because there simply isn't enough space at my apartment. So I picked out yarn for my next project and took it home.
Mistake! It was extra tempting to switch gears when new, appealing, non-green yarn was staring at me. But I managed to hold my own...

I made the "50%" mark, in my opinion. At a place where the sleeves are now sitting on stitch holders.

Now I just have to work the body, and I'll be pretty much free. Since the sleeves are a cap construction, I think they each need a whopping 6 or so more rows until finished.

Let's hope I can maintain my focus in the future. =)

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