Cropped Cardi Spells Danger

Because I knit so slowly, it seems that I have multiple posts about the same item, and not a lot of posts until I make any sort of progress. Oh well.
The Cropped Cardigan is complete. In this photo it wasn't blocked. I have blocked it since. It didn't fit perfectly. There was a huge gap in the back, and despite how great it looked open on Ravelry, the open look did not suit me. So, I sewed in two darts in the back and I also attached a button on the bottom. As I told my sister-in-law as I was finishing up the "fitting" of it, I'll probably wear it about three times before I send it to Goodwill. *sigh* I'll try to get at least one picture of me wearing it before it disappears completely...
Been doing some adventures in sewing lately, and will hopefully have a post on baking tomorrow.

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