The Science Teacher Within

...or maybe just the logical portion of my brain hard at work. =P
As previously mentioned, I had bought a  $1 clay pot with a peat pellet and some strawberry seeds to grow. Knowing that seeds need water and "air" (really the oxygen as opposed to the over-abundant nitrogen in our atmosphere),  I placed my little guy on the windowsill. I waited. And waited. And after I week I was getting frustrated. Surely I'd be able to see some small growth by then, right? Nope.

So I picked up my little pot thinking maybe he needed more light, and I noticed he was cold. Really, really cold. In addition to the other things listed above, my brain forgot about the importance of temperature. Even though plants don't have brains, they aren't stupid. They won't grow at certain temperatures because it's basically a suicide mission.

So I took my plant and moved him a whopping 2.5 ft lower on our radiator. And after only 24 hours at an ideal temperature...

Logic wins. Always.

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