Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

I've seen these on a few blogs, and I was enthralled. What a deceptive little cupcake! You look all plain and vanilla-y, but you have a surprise--chocolate chip cookie dough in the center! I specifically found them first on the These Days We blog, but took the recipe from Kevin and Amanda's blog (which was linked to from the previous...if you scroll WAAAY down, you'll get the receipe).

If I make these again, I probably will use smaller chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough...or I might smoosh them into the batter more.

I know my oven is rather dirty, but I couldn't resist taking a picture of the cupcake batter engulfing the cookie dough. The nerdy science teacher that I am thought of endocytosis...

...and here's why I would have used smaller chunks. Despite the success of other bloggers, my cupcakes did not cover up the cookie dough chunks 100%. It's not a big issue since they get frosting, but I have to say I was still a little disappointed.

I have never made frosting before, and certainly not one as sweet or as rich as buttercream frosting. 3 sticks of butter! 3!!! If I were to make these again, I'd probably halve or take away 1/3 of the recipe because even after 24 cupcakes, I still had a lot of frosting left. I put it on the failure of the chocolate cake, but there was still some more even after that!

In sewing news, I am still cutting out the pattern. I am trying to be as meticulous as possible, so I'm being sure to do a lot of marking and remeasuring. We'll see...

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