New Projects

After a week where I learned that my recently acquired job security now means nothing, and after I had TWO failed creative experiences, I have be uninspired and too cautious to really try anything new.

The cardigan, despite placing darts in the back to actually bring the fabric in contact with my back, still fits awfully. It's simultaneous too long and too short; too tight and too loose. I even added a button to the bottom as a closure to give it shape, but it made no difference. I tried to wear it to work on Wednesday, but after having it on for two minutes, I removed it, sighed, and placed it in the Goodwill bag.

I did try to make a chocolate cake using my cake pans, but it was a HORRIBLE mess, both literally and figuratively. Despite cooking at the right temperature and adding a good 10 minutes, both of the cake pans cratered in the middle (even though they were completely cooked and passed the toothpick test). In addition, they expanded much more in the one pan (the awesome tiered one) than my regular cake pan, so there was batter all over the bottom of the oven. I greased and floured both pans, but the cake refused to come out in clean pieces. So we've been eating the cake "globs" (which taste fine), but it was still a kick in the pants.

Personal finances have taken a hit as I now have to pay for braces ($5000), a grad school class ($3000) in addition to my normal car payments, student loans, and other grown-up nonsense. SO I made ONE last craft purchase--4 patterns. They're beautiful and lovely, and I got them for a steal. I'll discuss my plans for them tomorrow.

I'm hoping to make a two-toned (or is it color-blocked?) version of dress B in the pattern. I have medium weight navy fabric with a mini herringbone texture for the skirt portion and the waistband.

For the top portion, I'm hoping to use this pretty lace my grandmother gave me. I'm going to use the ivory fabric (look! I've already cut out the pattern pieces...it's started) below as the lining for the top.

The pattern also calls for lining on the bottom, but I'm going to see if I can get away without it as the skirt portion may already be a bit heavy.

My sister is coming down from Boston to spend her college spring break here, but I am hoping to have all of the pieces at least cut by the end of the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that this will not be another botched project...

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