A Delicate Matter

McCalls, Butterick, and Vogue had one of their AMAZING sales a while back, so I snagged a whole bunch of patterns.

Now I love me some dresses, but I hate feeling naked underneath dresses. I have ONE slip, and it's cheap, icky, and took long for some of my dresses so I have to manipulate the stupid thing not to show.

One of the patterns I picked up was M5651. At $1.19, even if it was a total piece of garbage, I wouldn't feel too bad about recycling it.

I did NOT sew this in a two-way knit as it recommends. Mainly because I didn't have any. I tried it pinned before I sewed it... I figured if it were too tight, I would just add in some of the elastic lace as a styling detail and to give it more room.

The pattern is really easy to follow1 And the sizes, as it also mentions on Patternreview.com, run quite large. I did the medium, but if I were to do it in a knit, I would probably go a size smaller.

This slip is less on the practical side, but I had this really pretty slinky fabric I bought from a failed draping exercise (I'm sooo not ready for that), but I love it. the cuts of underwear seem like they'd be easy (I personally have 10 pairs that I bought in style C, but unless I find stretch lace, I'll just stare at them longingly). And the details like the slit are charming. I added the bow myself, but they suggest many "personalization" options on the other pieces.

For the underwear I made, I just traced another pair I had which worked out fine.

I will ABSOLUTELY be making more of these. If I want a practical slip, I'll definitely lengthen view I. I also love the camisol so I will probably be making some of those too. However, for the camis I wear I don't want the darts, so I'll have to come back to that.

Yay for a quick sewing endeavor!

I am still chugging away at Vogue 1120 (it's a doozy!...good thing I didn't need it for Easter), but I plan to have pictures up tomorrow, whether finished or not.


Anonymous said...

Have you made anymore of these if so could you post about it.

Meghan said...

I actually just bought some knit fabric so I'm hoping to soon!