More zippered goodness

I know, I know. M6011 has been finished (I even wore it on Monday), but there are no pictures. My darling photographer took two, both of which were blurry and did not show off the dress at all. This weekend, I promise I will.

I have trying to wear all skirts or dresses this week just to be more feminine, and I've succeeded. Of course, it'd have to be the last day that I'd hit a snag. I was also trying to wear pieces that I had made as well (my female students seem particular amazed that someone can "make" clothes). So I wanted to wear this one dress I had made last year when I had to chapone the Winter Ball.

The teachers have to dress up, so I wanted something pretty but much more conservative than most of the dresses I own (length and strap width). I hybridized two different patterns together, modified the ruffle on the Coffee Date dress from BurdaStyle, and ended up with something reasonable.

There are two reasons I have not worn it since.

  1. The underfabric I used does not fit right with the dress and just looks "off". Considering how far I've come in sewing lately, I pretty much shudder at the fact I wore it,

  2. The zipper was white. It was supposed to be an "invisible" zipper, but the way I sewed it. Well, a picture is worth a 1000 words...

So I sat down tonight and took out the zipper. Then fixed it. It's all better, but now I realize the dress no longer fits! The zipper is a good 2-3" unclosed at the top. Fail. As soon as I clean it up a little bit more, it'll be finding a new home in Goodwill.

Look for updates this weekend.

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