Pierogie Fest

My brother came over yesterday to make some pierogis. And, boy, did we make pierogis! I think we made around 40 of them! He was exhausted by the end, so we did not make cookies afterward as we had originally planned.
I followed this basic recipe here. These pierogi were easy enough to make--if you follow the directions! Don't ask me how, but I originally misread 2tbs as 2lbs!! Needless to say, I had to restart from scratch...
We did a "loaded" filling--potato, cheese, bacon, and green onions. However, I had seriously overestimated how much filling we needed. My brother, boyfriend, and I just ate the rest of the filling as mashed potatoes. Yum. =)


T-Shirt Modifications

Hello TSKB Reader(s)-

Can I say how much I love Tea Rose Home? Sachiko makes AMAZING and adorable stuff that is so stinkin' cute! Her directions are very clear and so easy to follow. I cannot remember how I found her site, but there were two tutorials on T-shirt refashions (among others that have since caught my eye) that I wanted to try.

So I went over to Goodwill and picked up two identical pink shirts for $3.50 each. I followed her ruffle shirt tutorial and have a spectacular finished product below. I decided to do less ruffles than what she had (mainly due to fatigue), but if I make this again, I will definitely try the fully ruffled version with the cute corsage she had.

I also picked up a long sleeved shirt at Goodwill. I really liked the deep purple color, and I figured I could get enough fabric from the flowers using the sleeves alone. Her T-shirt makeover can be found here. My before and after pictures are below. I love them! I am slowly getting enough stuff for Me Made June, and unlike previous handmade things, these are ones I plan to keep.

Pierogi making day and chocolate chip cookie Bake Sunday. Pictures and updates tomorrow.


A flop and a not

So I'm finally healthy (ish), and I've got my camera back. Now I can document the things I've been doing in my spare time.

First up, I tried to follow Chie's Big Buttoned Dress tutorial. It looks stunning on her. Me? Not so much (take a gander below)

This has nothing to do with Chie or her tutorial. They're both lovely, as the dress appears on her. One, I think that my measurements are slightly off as the dress gathers do not hit on top of my bust but rather at the fullest point. Two, I don't think this dress is really made for curvy-esque women like myself. I think it would look better on a straighter fabric. And three, I think a softer fabric would have been a better choice, although hers appear to be made out of cotton as well. Oh well...

But, we do have a success! I followed Dear Lizzy's diy crepe ruffle sweater post. I did not follow hers to the letter, but got more of the inspiration from her. I thrifted the sweater and cut it up the middle. I used an extra strip of the fabric to bind the edges, and my ruffles are going the opposite direction as hers. I would love to make one that follows the one she made, but this was the stuff I had on hand, so I went with it.

I did add a hook and eye closure to my waist, and I love it. This is one that I will actually wear. It may be too warm for Me Made June, but I'm running out of time and options, so I may wear it on a rainy day.

I went to Goodwill today and got some T-shirts. I have seen some very cute T-shirt modification tutorials online, and I am going to try two of them today. I'll post about it tomorrow.


Still recovering from strep throat. We've been doing dissections this week, so my camera is currently at school for photo opportunities.

I recently signed up for So Zo's Me Made June on her blog! I'm excited and also nervous. Excited because a challenge is exciting, but a little anxious. As of right now, I have about 7 (that's it) hand-made garments. Oh sure, I "had" more, but I hated all of them and sent them on their way to Goodwill. In retrospect, I wish I had held onto them for a little longer, but oh well.

Here is my official statement: "I, Meghan from http://littlebitomeghan.blogspot.com/, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11. I endeavor to wear at least one self-made or self-modified garment each day for the duration of June 2011"

I will not be posting daily pictures because there is no way I have time for that, but I will be posting all pictures for the previous week on Fridays.

Below is the next real in-depth project I'd like to tackle It's a V8728: a vintage vogue reprint from a 1946 original design.

However, to get at least some stuff made in June, there seem to be a lot of lovely, easy tutorials out there to try. I did try Chie's Big Button Dress (which was a total flop, but I'll post pictures anyway once I get my camera), but I have my eye on this Elle Apparel Pinwheel Skirt tutorial (the fabric I chose is right next to me on my desk) amongst others that I will hopefully be posting about soon.

That should be it for now. I'll upload some pictures after school tomorrow about a flop and a good project that happened.


I have not posted in 11 days!

It's a combination of my camera being MIA and me having strep throat.

I'll be up to speed soon.


V1120 Finished!

Well, it's not Easter anymore...but the dress is finished.

If I were to make this again, I would probably not do the pockets. Sure, they are comfy and cute, but A) they make my hips look much larger, and B) there were a PAIN to make. Normally, pockets are a breeze, but the french seams + the pocket = disaster. It's the only part of the dress that doesn't look perfect.

I am not terribly good at modeling.

But at least my boyfriend can take decent pictures

Some changes I made to the dress was to fully line it. The dress probably wouldn't have been see-through on its own, but I really didn't want to have to wear a slip with it. Because I did line it fully, I did not use the interfacing pieces for the front and back. In hindsight, I should have probably used them anyway, because I had to finish the shoulders in a slightly different manner.

Would I make this again? Eh...maybe. The fabric was not terribly friendly to work with, the pleats were not easy to do, and I'm not 100% in love with how it looks on me. However, I hope it will grow on me enough that it doesn't become another Goodwill purchase...