A flop and a not

So I'm finally healthy (ish), and I've got my camera back. Now I can document the things I've been doing in my spare time.

First up, I tried to follow Chie's Big Buttoned Dress tutorial. It looks stunning on her. Me? Not so much (take a gander below)

This has nothing to do with Chie or her tutorial. They're both lovely, as the dress appears on her. One, I think that my measurements are slightly off as the dress gathers do not hit on top of my bust but rather at the fullest point. Two, I don't think this dress is really made for curvy-esque women like myself. I think it would look better on a straighter fabric. And three, I think a softer fabric would have been a better choice, although hers appear to be made out of cotton as well. Oh well...

But, we do have a success! I followed Dear Lizzy's diy crepe ruffle sweater post. I did not follow hers to the letter, but got more of the inspiration from her. I thrifted the sweater and cut it up the middle. I used an extra strip of the fabric to bind the edges, and my ruffles are going the opposite direction as hers. I would love to make one that follows the one she made, but this was the stuff I had on hand, so I went with it.

I did add a hook and eye closure to my waist, and I love it. This is one that I will actually wear. It may be too warm for Me Made June, but I'm running out of time and options, so I may wear it on a rainy day.

I went to Goodwill today and got some T-shirts. I have seen some very cute T-shirt modification tutorials online, and I am going to try two of them today. I'll post about it tomorrow.

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