Still recovering from strep throat. We've been doing dissections this week, so my camera is currently at school for photo opportunities.

I recently signed up for So Zo's Me Made June on her blog! I'm excited and also nervous. Excited because a challenge is exciting, but a little anxious. As of right now, I have about 7 (that's it) hand-made garments. Oh sure, I "had" more, but I hated all of them and sent them on their way to Goodwill. In retrospect, I wish I had held onto them for a little longer, but oh well.

Here is my official statement: "I, Meghan from http://littlebitomeghan.blogspot.com/, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11. I endeavor to wear at least one self-made or self-modified garment each day for the duration of June 2011"

I will not be posting daily pictures because there is no way I have time for that, but I will be posting all pictures for the previous week on Fridays.

Below is the next real in-depth project I'd like to tackle It's a V8728: a vintage vogue reprint from a 1946 original design.

However, to get at least some stuff made in June, there seem to be a lot of lovely, easy tutorials out there to try. I did try Chie's Big Button Dress (which was a total flop, but I'll post pictures anyway once I get my camera), but I have my eye on this Elle Apparel Pinwheel Skirt tutorial (the fabric I chose is right next to me on my desk) amongst others that I will hopefully be posting about soon.

That should be it for now. I'll upload some pictures after school tomorrow about a flop and a good project that happened.

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