T-Shirt Modifications

Hello TSKB Reader(s)-

Can I say how much I love Tea Rose Home? Sachiko makes AMAZING and adorable stuff that is so stinkin' cute! Her directions are very clear and so easy to follow. I cannot remember how I found her site, but there were two tutorials on T-shirt refashions (among others that have since caught my eye) that I wanted to try.

So I went over to Goodwill and picked up two identical pink shirts for $3.50 each. I followed her ruffle shirt tutorial and have a spectacular finished product below. I decided to do less ruffles than what she had (mainly due to fatigue), but if I make this again, I will definitely try the fully ruffled version with the cute corsage she had.

I also picked up a long sleeved shirt at Goodwill. I really liked the deep purple color, and I figured I could get enough fabric from the flowers using the sleeves alone. Her T-shirt makeover can be found here. My before and after pictures are below. I love them! I am slowly getting enough stuff for Me Made June, and unlike previous handmade things, these are ones I plan to keep.

Pierogi making day and chocolate chip cookie Bake Sunday. Pictures and updates tomorrow.

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Sachiko said...

Hi Mergin,
Thank you so much for your kind remark about my blog and creations!

Your shirt turned out nicely, good job!