Me Made June Days 27-28

Hello TSKB Reader(s)!

Here are two more days of Me Made June! Enjoy!

Day 27 Tank: Self made Shorts: Kohls? (This is why I don't like MMJune after school lets out... all I wanna do is wear jammies...)

Day 28 Top: Kohls Tank: Gap Skirt: Self made (see Day 22)


Adorable Tote

Hello TSKB Reader(s)!

What is it, you may ask?

It's an adorable tote bag that can fold up!

Yet another fabulous online tutorial! I think I saw this one on either Craft Gossip or Dollar Store Crafts... I cannot remember which place from where I found it. Anywhere, here is the link for the Zaaberry Tote.

I am so happy with how this turned out! I used some leftover fabric from a skirt I made and I had some corduroy in my stash. Although I am giving this one away to a friend, I definitely hope to make more soon!


Me Made June Days 23-26

Hello TSKB Reader(s)!

Here is another update for Me Made June Days
Day 23
Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Self modified (see Day 12)
Day 24
Tank: Really old (I think Marshalls?)
Skirt: Recently made (although this is really me trying it on as opposed to wearing it... it's a gift)
Expect a tutorial on this within the week!
Day 25
Dress: Self made (a repeat from Day 9)
Day 26
Dress: Self made (repeat from Day 2)

It's hard to believe that this month is over!


Pinwheel Skirt

Ever since I saw this post around a year ago, I have wanted to make this Pinwheel Skirt. I love the flow to it, the shape of it, just about everything.

But I was nervous about making it. I really am more of a paper pattern girl than "follow your own measurements and these directions" one, but I bookmarked it anyway.

Lately, thanks to Grosgrain's Free Pattern Month, I have slowly become more and more confident about trying these-based patterns instead of a traditional pone

So I took a deep breath and attempted the Pinwheel Skirt. For the most part, I like it. I wore this on Day 22 of Me Made June.

I let my boyfriend be my photographer for these. There was some weird story to it, but I forget what the prompts for the poses were Either way, it was fun.
And some detail.

Speaking of Me Made June... For the 21st, I'll be honest. I never changed out of my pajamas, so there is nothing to report. Days 23 and 24 will be posted this weekend.



Yes, I do knit. Don't believe me? It says so in my blog title! The truth is, I am a slow and easy-to-give up knitter. I also have a fanstastical stash that really does not have enough of one type to sustain a useful, large-scale project (as I lamented about here, but found a solution to).

But I've picked up my needles in the summer to start a pair of wristwarmers. They are in a similar color scheme to my amazing winter coat, so I hope I will actually use them. As of now , I haven't gotten too far, but I am getting a little tired of my machine from Me Made June, so it's a relief to have something different to work on.

The pattern is Shetlander (the link is for Knitty, but it's also on Ravely), and it is adorable and simple to knit. Let's hope they actually get finished!


Easy Shirt Modification / Me Made June Day 20

I love seeing the hidden potential in a garment. I used to be stuck in that "as is" mentality--whatever was on the rack is what I would be wearing. However, the more I learn about sewing, the more I see the garment's potential. In my arsenal of tips I can resize a sweater or shirt, I can add details, embroidery, replace zippers, exchange buttons, and other easy fixes that can take an item and make it more my own.

Case in point: During a trip to Goodwill, I spied this shirt. $3.50
It's nice. Kinda bland, but nice. However, I saw what it could be instead of what it is. (That's Molly on the floor)

I cut the sleeves down (I don't really do longsleeves well, plus I would like to layer a cardigan over this in the fall / winter. But to keep with the texture on the bib, I added 1/4" elastic down the sleeve to create a gather.

Muuuch better. However, I think I may punch up the bib a little bit by adding another layer of ruffles. I just haven't decided how yet. Do I want lace? Fabric? Do I want to go between the pre-existing ruffles, or on top of them? Decisions, decisions.... But for now at least I have a new modified shirt for Me Made June!

Me Made June Days 15-19

Hello TSKB Reader(s)!

Here is another roundup of Me Made June outfits. However, I promise to post again today about something besides MMJune.

Day 15
Top: Self modified (same from Day 1)
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Kohls
(Weird that the first day of Me Made June and the halfway point are basically the same outfit)
Day 16
Top: Self made (using this tutorial that was a guest post by the Sew Convert on Grosgrain's free pattern month)
Pants: Old Navy
(I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this top!)

Day 17
Top: Self modified (same as day 7)
Pants: Old Navy
(I do not own a single pair of self made pants. I admit it. It scares me to try and make them)

Day 18
Top(s): Kohls
Skirt: Self made
(I know the skirt is a -recent- repeat, but my stepmom gave me the fabric, so I thought she would like to see what I did with it)
(This is also at 7:30 in the morning, so I apologize for the wet hair)

Day 19
Cardigan: Self made
Dress: Kohls
(Happy Father's Day!)


Room Sharing

As a new(er) teacher, I had the experience of being a "floater"--in everyone's classrooms but had no real place to call home. A fantastic teacher retired this year, and now I have the fortune of getting my own room. However, I wanted to do something small to thank these ladies for letting me teach in their classrooms. I did not want to go the "teacher" route (apples and rulers get really boring after a while), so I followed this tutorial to make little pull tab candy containers.
I love how they turned out. Let's hope that the recipients agree!


Me Made June Days 11-14

Okay, so breaking up Me Made June into weekly chunks is just too much for a gal to handle. Smaller installments help keep me sane, and they force me to post more often! So many of the things I am making right now are for Me Made June, so I find it almost silly to post about an item, and then post again about me wearing it. I hope that doesn't come off as lazy.

I have to say, I am getting rather exhausted from Me Made June. Mainly because I grossly underestimated a) how much stuff I have, b) how much I don't want to wear repeats for this month, and c) how tired I am at the end of the school day. Yes, it's finals week (and the week leading up to it), but I get my own classroom next year! So I am currently schlepping everything into my new room and it is wearing me out!

Regardless, here are days 11-14 of Me Made June. Enjoy!

Day 11
Top: Self Made
Jeans: Old Navy
(I got REALLY bored taking pictures, and then saw the transportation challenge...better late than never I suppose)
Day 12
Tank: Hand me down from my Aunt
Skirt: Self Modified (this was something my mother had made, but I altered the fit to be lower on the waist)
(I was supposed to be waving)
Day 13
Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Self modified (similar to the skirt story from day 12)
(Despite my creepy pose, can I say how much I LOVE this outfit?)
Day 14
Top: Thrifted (I did have another top on during school to be the picture of modesty)
Skirt: Self made
(A note about the skirt: It was a failed version of this dress [the fit was awful and 100% my fault], so I simply folded the rest under for more volume. Win!)


Homemade Cleaners

Okay, so I already referenced the book Making It in my previous post about homemade soap. But as I find myself trying the recipes/ideas in the book, I feel like I have to share.

So it's cleaning day. My boyfriend has an issue with his forearm and has been directed by the doctor not to use it. He is normally 100% helpful with cleaning up, but it was all up to me. Seeing as I could get no objections, I figured I'd do the cleaning my way.

There is a project that calls for an "almost universal cleaner" which is a 50-50 ratio of water to vinegar. I was afraid the whole house would smell like vinegar, but the authors are correct when they say it is odorless when it dries.

I used it on the counters, the cabinets, and on the floor of the kitchen. No problems, and I didn't have to pull out different cleaners for different items!

I used it on the counter / sink in the bathroom, the tub and shower walls, and the toilet as well as the floor. I used more vinegar in the toilet and voila! Clean!

There was one spot on our stove that has been disgusting since we moved in a year ago. It's a ring of who knows what that got trapped under the burner plates. I used a magic eraser...nothing. I used a scouring pad (not steel wool because I didn't want to take off the paint)...nothing. I used all combinations of cleaners before...nothing. Besides the vinegar cleaner, the book suggests baking soda. That worked.

I also found it funny that Yahoo has an article about making some of your own cleaners on their newsfeed thingy. I guess they're in the same mindframe as I.

Try this cleaner! I will use this all the time from now on!


I wanted to talk about Pattern Review websites for a moment. Do you like them? I appreciate what they have to offer, but I am concerned with how I read reviews. Like many things, I only focus on the negatives mentioned and ignore the (possibly many) positives.

I bought this pattern nearly a year ago in an attempt to "grown-up-ize" my wardrobe a little bit (I bought this along with the Teacher-y dress I made). The pattern is Butterick 5482. I used only stash fabric (that I didn't buy) and a button from my SIL. I cut a size 10 and made no modifications other than to do only one button for the view I made. The only thing I had to buy was the interfacing. All in all, this jacket cost less than $5 to make

The sleeves are my absolute favorite part. I don't think I would make this again as the sleeve detail is so unique (and I don't like the 3/4 sleeve version), but I am very glad I made this. When I decided to check the review(s) on Pattern Review, there weren't any! All of my worries for nothing. Perhaps I should make an account and write a review myself...

Me Made June Days 4-10

The end of the school year is almost here! Can you feel it! I sure can. I have so many lovely ideas for this summer; I cannot wait to get started. But as promised (although 1 day late), here are days 4-10 of Me Made June. I'm reusing an old picture for Thursday because we had a retirement party, and I got caught in the rain. I really don't need a picture of Drowned Rat Meghan on the blog, and since this dress is somewhat older, I'll just use a substitute photo. Also, Wednesday was a bit of a "cheating" day, but I'm okay with that...

Day 4
Top: Self made (traced off a T-shirt to get the fit)

Jeans: Old Navy
(there is some ruffling down the top of the shirt you just can't see...)
Day 5
Tank: Gap
Skirt: Self modified (this was a skirt that my mom had started and was in her fabric stash... I altered the fit a bit
Day 6
Dress: Self made (pattern Vogue 1120)
(I like how you can see my School ID still)

Day 7
Top: Self made (Used tutorial from Tea Rose Home)

Pants: Gap
(It's -really- awkward taking pictures by yourself at home)
Day 8
Top: Kohls

Pants: Kohls

Awesome Tie: Self made (McCalls 2447)
(I know it's cheating a bit since it's a tie, but I'm a BIOLOGY teacher!)
Day 9
Dress: Self made (Butterick 5166)
(Again, this is an old picture, but oh well)

Day 10
Tank: Walmart (who says all things have to be nice)
Jeans: Old Navy
Jacket: Self made (will do a fuller post on this item tomorrow)
(I suck at taking pictures!!)


Homemade Soap

I had the fortune of meeting up with a good friend of mine that also has crafty tendencies. She recently bought me the book Making it: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World. I have read it almost back-to-back, dog-eared pages and even written in comments and suggestions, but I had yet to make anything in the book.

So when Harmonoo stopped down, we decided to tackle the homemade soap. The instructions are fabulously easy, and our only difficulty was finding 100% NaOH (aka sodium hydroxide to those who aren't good with elemental symbols and chemical formulas....and aka "lye" to those who don't like chem terms in general. While I think it would be copyright violation to post their steps and recipes on my blog without permission, there are many websites like this that can get you started (and are great for visual people).

It still has to sit for another 24 hours, and then cure for about 4 weeks, but...I think it will be worth the wait! We added lavender essential oil to the soap when it got to the trace stage because I felt like it needed to "smell good" (even if it may become a little costly).

My biggest regret is that I didn't take any pictures while we were working! I took one at the end, but if I make this again (I'll know it 4 weeks!), I'll take some pictures for a step-by-step version.