Easy Shirt Modification / Me Made June Day 20

I love seeing the hidden potential in a garment. I used to be stuck in that "as is" mentality--whatever was on the rack is what I would be wearing. However, the more I learn about sewing, the more I see the garment's potential. In my arsenal of tips I can resize a sweater or shirt, I can add details, embroidery, replace zippers, exchange buttons, and other easy fixes that can take an item and make it more my own.

Case in point: During a trip to Goodwill, I spied this shirt. $3.50
It's nice. Kinda bland, but nice. However, I saw what it could be instead of what it is. (That's Molly on the floor)

I cut the sleeves down (I don't really do longsleeves well, plus I would like to layer a cardigan over this in the fall / winter. But to keep with the texture on the bib, I added 1/4" elastic down the sleeve to create a gather.

Muuuch better. However, I think I may punch up the bib a little bit by adding another layer of ruffles. I just haven't decided how yet. Do I want lace? Fabric? Do I want to go between the pre-existing ruffles, or on top of them? Decisions, decisions.... But for now at least I have a new modified shirt for Me Made June!

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