I wanted to talk about Pattern Review websites for a moment. Do you like them? I appreciate what they have to offer, but I am concerned with how I read reviews. Like many things, I only focus on the negatives mentioned and ignore the (possibly many) positives.

I bought this pattern nearly a year ago in an attempt to "grown-up-ize" my wardrobe a little bit (I bought this along with the Teacher-y dress I made). The pattern is Butterick 5482. I used only stash fabric (that I didn't buy) and a button from my SIL. I cut a size 10 and made no modifications other than to do only one button for the view I made. The only thing I had to buy was the interfacing. All in all, this jacket cost less than $5 to make

The sleeves are my absolute favorite part. I don't think I would make this again as the sleeve detail is so unique (and I don't like the 3/4 sleeve version), but I am very glad I made this. When I decided to check the review(s) on Pattern Review, there weren't any! All of my worries for nothing. Perhaps I should make an account and write a review myself...

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