Homemade Cleaners

Okay, so I already referenced the book Making It in my previous post about homemade soap. But as I find myself trying the recipes/ideas in the book, I feel like I have to share.

So it's cleaning day. My boyfriend has an issue with his forearm and has been directed by the doctor not to use it. He is normally 100% helpful with cleaning up, but it was all up to me. Seeing as I could get no objections, I figured I'd do the cleaning my way.

There is a project that calls for an "almost universal cleaner" which is a 50-50 ratio of water to vinegar. I was afraid the whole house would smell like vinegar, but the authors are correct when they say it is odorless when it dries.

I used it on the counters, the cabinets, and on the floor of the kitchen. No problems, and I didn't have to pull out different cleaners for different items!

I used it on the counter / sink in the bathroom, the tub and shower walls, and the toilet as well as the floor. I used more vinegar in the toilet and voila! Clean!

There was one spot on our stove that has been disgusting since we moved in a year ago. It's a ring of who knows what that got trapped under the burner plates. I used a magic eraser...nothing. I used a scouring pad (not steel wool because I didn't want to take off the paint)...nothing. I used all combinations of cleaners before...nothing. Besides the vinegar cleaner, the book suggests baking soda. That worked.

I also found it funny that Yahoo has an article about making some of your own cleaners on their newsfeed thingy. I guess they're in the same mindframe as I.

Try this cleaner! I will use this all the time from now on!

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