Yes, I do knit. Don't believe me? It says so in my blog title! The truth is, I am a slow and easy-to-give up knitter. I also have a fanstastical stash that really does not have enough of one type to sustain a useful, large-scale project (as I lamented about here, but found a solution to).

But I've picked up my needles in the summer to start a pair of wristwarmers. They are in a similar color scheme to my amazing winter coat, so I hope I will actually use them. As of now , I haven't gotten too far, but I am getting a little tired of my machine from Me Made June, so it's a relief to have something different to work on.

The pattern is Shetlander (the link is for Knitty, but it's also on Ravely), and it is adorable and simple to knit. Let's hope they actually get finished!

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