Me Made June Days 11-14

Okay, so breaking up Me Made June into weekly chunks is just too much for a gal to handle. Smaller installments help keep me sane, and they force me to post more often! So many of the things I am making right now are for Me Made June, so I find it almost silly to post about an item, and then post again about me wearing it. I hope that doesn't come off as lazy.

I have to say, I am getting rather exhausted from Me Made June. Mainly because I grossly underestimated a) how much stuff I have, b) how much I don't want to wear repeats for this month, and c) how tired I am at the end of the school day. Yes, it's finals week (and the week leading up to it), but I get my own classroom next year! So I am currently schlepping everything into my new room and it is wearing me out!

Regardless, here are days 11-14 of Me Made June. Enjoy!

Day 11
Top: Self Made
Jeans: Old Navy
(I got REALLY bored taking pictures, and then saw the transportation challenge...better late than never I suppose)
Day 12
Tank: Hand me down from my Aunt
Skirt: Self Modified (this was something my mother had made, but I altered the fit to be lower on the waist)
(I was supposed to be waving)
Day 13
Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Self modified (similar to the skirt story from day 12)
(Despite my creepy pose, can I say how much I LOVE this outfit?)
Day 14
Top: Thrifted (I did have another top on during school to be the picture of modesty)
Skirt: Self made
(A note about the skirt: It was a failed version of this dress [the fit was awful and 100% my fault], so I simply folded the rest under for more volume. Win!)

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