Me Made June Days 15-19

Hello TSKB Reader(s)!

Here is another roundup of Me Made June outfits. However, I promise to post again today about something besides MMJune.

Day 15
Top: Self modified (same from Day 1)
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Kohls
(Weird that the first day of Me Made June and the halfway point are basically the same outfit)
Day 16
Top: Self made (using this tutorial that was a guest post by the Sew Convert on Grosgrain's free pattern month)
Pants: Old Navy
(I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this top!)

Day 17
Top: Self modified (same as day 7)
Pants: Old Navy
(I do not own a single pair of self made pants. I admit it. It scares me to try and make them)

Day 18
Top(s): Kohls
Skirt: Self made
(I know the skirt is a -recent- repeat, but my stepmom gave me the fabric, so I thought she would like to see what I did with it)
(This is also at 7:30 in the morning, so I apologize for the wet hair)

Day 19
Cardigan: Self made
Dress: Kohls
(Happy Father's Day!)

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