Me Made June Days 4-10

The end of the school year is almost here! Can you feel it! I sure can. I have so many lovely ideas for this summer; I cannot wait to get started. But as promised (although 1 day late), here are days 4-10 of Me Made June. I'm reusing an old picture for Thursday because we had a retirement party, and I got caught in the rain. I really don't need a picture of Drowned Rat Meghan on the blog, and since this dress is somewhat older, I'll just use a substitute photo. Also, Wednesday was a bit of a "cheating" day, but I'm okay with that...

Day 4
Top: Self made (traced off a T-shirt to get the fit)

Jeans: Old Navy
(there is some ruffling down the top of the shirt you just can't see...)
Day 5
Tank: Gap
Skirt: Self modified (this was a skirt that my mom had started and was in her fabric stash... I altered the fit a bit
Day 6
Dress: Self made (pattern Vogue 1120)
(I like how you can see my School ID still)

Day 7
Top: Self made (Used tutorial from Tea Rose Home)

Pants: Gap
(It's -really- awkward taking pictures by yourself at home)
Day 8
Top: Kohls

Pants: Kohls

Awesome Tie: Self made (McCalls 2447)
(I know it's cheating a bit since it's a tie, but I'm a BIOLOGY teacher!)
Day 9
Dress: Self made (Butterick 5166)
(Again, this is an old picture, but oh well)

Day 10
Tank: Walmart (who says all things have to be nice)
Jeans: Old Navy
Jacket: Self made (will do a fuller post on this item tomorrow)
(I suck at taking pictures!!)

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