Pinwheel Skirt

Ever since I saw this post around a year ago, I have wanted to make this Pinwheel Skirt. I love the flow to it, the shape of it, just about everything.

But I was nervous about making it. I really am more of a paper pattern girl than "follow your own measurements and these directions" one, but I bookmarked it anyway.

Lately, thanks to Grosgrain's Free Pattern Month, I have slowly become more and more confident about trying these-based patterns instead of a traditional pone

So I took a deep breath and attempted the Pinwheel Skirt. For the most part, I like it. I wore this on Day 22 of Me Made June.

I let my boyfriend be my photographer for these. There was some weird story to it, but I forget what the prompts for the poses were Either way, it was fun.
And some detail.

Speaking of Me Made June... For the 21st, I'll be honest. I never changed out of my pajamas, so there is nothing to report. Days 23 and 24 will be posted this weekend.

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