$1.50 Swimsuit top

I recently did a closet purge, and I noticed there was a shortage of orange in my closet. And yellow, but yellow and I are not exactly buddy buddy. But the orange I felt I had to fix. I went to Goodwill to see what I could snag. I did get a tank top for $2, but I really was looking for a creamsicle-orange cardigan. However, it's July, and there aren't a lot of long-sleeved items at the moment.

At the last minute I wandered over to the men's section to see if there was anything worthwhile to modify. And I saw the $1.50 T shirts. There was an XXL orange shirt with a cute print on the pocket. I figured I could do something with it.

I went through my patterns and found again McCall 5651. I had previously made a little slip with matching underwear. I figured this time I would wear something that I could actually have showing (remember, the goal is more orange, not hidden orange). So I looked at the different views and chose view G to modify into a swimsuit top.
I made quite a few modifications. First, I lined the top cups so I could place pads in them (in my opinion, a *must* for swimsuits. I added clear elastic based on my measurements along the bottom, and then cut two long strips to go around the bottom and then act as the ties. I remembered how large the pattern ran, so I went down to a small even though my bust measurements would call for a medium.

Overall, it was quite a success. I tried to use view B for the the bottoms, but they are quite a disaster at the moment. (For starters, they are HUUUUGE) I still have a good chunk of the shirt left, so I may just scrap them and go for a swim bottom / underwear pair I have. I really want boyshort bottoms for this, but we'll see.

Be sure to check in tomorrow to see what I've been focused on so intently lately!


Anonymous said...

Why are pads a must? You should make those underwear and post about them because I need help making mine.

Meghan said...

I feel like padding is important for swimwear because I feel more covered. It's not really a -must-, but I don't wear swimwear without pads. I'm going to try and tackle the bottoms later today.

Anonymous said...

What size bust are you so I can see if we are the same.

Meghan said...

Size 34B. Just as a reminder, I cut this not in the size medium, as the pattern would suggest, but a size small.