Recap of Me Made June

Hello TSKB Reader(s)!

Here is an overview of the Days of Me Made June 2011! Click on any of them to get a larger view of the picture.

For me, the most glaring fault in my wardrobe is a lack of self made pants. I have plenty of dresses and tops (not enough to do a whole month, but it's still a growing collection), but a shortage of pants. Good thing this was in June as opposed to the winter. I do have a pants pattern, that I am going to tackle this summer.

In addition, it is very confining to create a wardrobe out of any limited number of pieces. To be honest, I typically rotate my clothes but hanging up the most freshly laundered in the back of my closet and grab the closest piece (to make sure I don't repeat one particular outfit too often). I really like this method because I don't have to think when I get dressed in the morning. Me Made June required a lot of thought in outfit construction, and not all of them are winners.

But that's okay! It's all a learning experience....

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