Bow Tie Blouse Refashion Tutorial

I have my second tutorial for you today--taking a long-sleeved, collared shirt like this.....

And turning it into the (much cuter) version here!

Are you up for the challenge? All of need is a long-sleeved shirt and some coordinating thread.
  1. The first thing I did was pull out my seam ripper and liberate the collar. I have never really liked pointed collars. I bought them because I assumed a few years back that was the safe, standard "grown up attire" for teaching. Boy was I wrong...

  2. Then I tried on the shirt and decided where I wanted my new short sleeves to be. Once I figured that out, I made a mark all around the sleeve. I cut with that line, and used the removed piece as a template for the other sleeve.

  3. Sleeves are gone! It already looks better, but let's keep going.

  4. Let's take those sleeves and put them to work! Cut alongside the side seam all the way down the sleeve, even through the cuff. We'll be using this fabric to make our bow tie.

  5. Open up the sleeve. (I laid both sleeves on top of each other so I didn't have to measure twice and cut twice. But if you want to be more accurate, I would do each sleeve by itself) At the "top" (the side furthest from the cuff), mark a point 5" away from the "cleaner" side (the one that doesn't have the seam still attached).

    Ignore the 4" mark... I originally thought 4" would be enough, but it wasn't
  6. At the "bottom" of the sleeve, next to the cuff, measure out 2.5" from the cleaner edge.

  7. Now fold the fabric in half so that the edge pieces match your measurements. Cut out.
  8. Sew the tube around the long edge and the wider of the two short edges. Trim close to the stitches.
  9. Turn inside out (I used a knitting needle to make the points crisp) and press.

  10. With the fold pointed towards the top of the blouse and the seam side facing the bottom, carefully pin the ties to each side of the neck opening. I probably tucked in about 1/4" back into the collar stand. Pin the crap out of it. You'll need to sew very close to the edge and don't want any fabric peeking out.

  11. Hem the sleeves however you desire. I didn't take a picture of me hemming because there are may hems you could use. I did a basic rolled hem.
  12. Wear and enjoy. =)
If you try this, I'd love to see your finished version!

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