Butterick 6573 Progress

Despite all of my lamentations regarding clean finishes on this garment, I have made some progress! Here is the back pieces, pinned nicely on my dress form.
Sorry for the lack of ironing on these. I just wanted to get pictures up pronto!

I'm in love with the piping so far. My zipper foot likes to sew alongside of it, but not so much on top of it. I made this piping from fabric that I have a ton of and want to get rid of it (if I had followers on this blog, I would suggest a scrap stash giveaway, but as of now, I have no one to take me up on it. =P). Here are a few things that made this piping a piece of cake.
  • Use a zipper foot. It makes a huge difference in how close you can get to the actual cording for making the piping
  • Even though it's an extra step, sew the piping to one of the pieces of fabric first. It's one of those "longcuts" that really is a shortcut. It allows you to have more control so the piping doesn't move around
  • Sew piping on before sewing any seams. Otherwise, when you trim the piece of piping, you'll get frayed ends...sew it along the whole side, especially past the seam allowance.
I'm going to visit my grandparents in NY this weekend, so this will be the last post until Monday. Have a lovely weekend!

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