Clean Finish v. Clean Finish

I am become more and more aware of the importance of being a well-read sewer. Had I read more technique-related material before, I could be almost finished my new top instead of stuck on tiny details...

 I refer to Butterick 6573, which I had started here. Every piece that is interfaced has you cut 1/4" of the un-notched edge, and then "clean finish" the edge. So I found their definition.

I personally went with the diagram on the left because I wanted the cleanest of clean finishes. As I'm going along, I am worrying about the bulk. I'm getting cranky about turning under less than 1/8" along a curve for most of the pieces. And because I went to the library and pulled out some reference books, I wanted to see if they had any tips. Sure enough, they had a whole page on the Clean Finish.

The directions are entirely different. This strikes me as particularly odd as the book is called The Vogue / BUTTERICK Step-By-Step Guide to Sewing Techniques. The pattern is a Butterick pattern! The instructions in the book would have been so much faster! Before fusing, you sew the interfacing to the garment 1/4" away, trim, understitch, and then fuse. No hand sewing at all! Genius!

Ah, the benefits of being informed. Unfortunately, I decided to fuse all of the pieces that needed fusing at the same time, so I'm stuck with what I have. Hopefully someone will be able to use this.

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