Exciting New Things

I finally have enough information and pictures to warrant a post on what I've been working on so much lately. And I'm not even finished!

Last year I heard about Shabby Apple's Dare to Design Dress Challenge via Grosgrain, and I really wanted to go for it. I even posted about attempting it. And...that was as far as I got.

However, the contest is during the summer this year, so I am not terribly busy with lesson planning and schoolwork. I went far beyond my means and drew two different dress ideas. Please forgive me, for I am not an artist.

I started on the first dress. So far I've already gone quite far away from the original design (and price point! This rayon knit fabric is $9.00 a yard! And was on sale from its normal prie of $12.99 at JoAnns!!).

The skirt is no longer A-line, but more straight through the hips. I also have omitted the detailing at the waist; now I fear it will be too busy. The ruching is not nearly as strong as I had wanted, but I've never done ruching (or anything without a formal pattern and instructions!), so I don't think it's turning out to be toooooo awful. I was actually even proud of it.


So I went away for the weekend, eager to get way from the dress. I bought another yard of fabric to fix the mistake (another $9), and will try to remove the offending piece today and put a new one on. I also hope to finish cutting out the tulip sleeves.

I'm undecided about the buttons at this moment. I haven't bought any, but I am preferring the simpler, more clean look of the dress at the moment. I think the buttons will either look silly or affect the ruching in a negative way. What do you think?

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