Library Trip

I'm in a wee bit of financial panicking mode, so instead of purchasing things I cannot afford at the moment, I decided to do some good old research on sewing tips and techniques to better prepare myself when funds are a little better.

The Southampton branch of the Bucks County libraries has an okay selection of sewing materials, but I'm pretty sure I grabbed the only beneficial books on my first visit.
  • First up is Sandra Betzina's Fabric Savvy. This book, while untested for accuracy by myself, seems amazing. There are 85 different types of fabric mentioned, and each one gives information on preshrinking, interfacing types, thread types, needles, stitch lengths, presser feet to use, and much more. I think I'll copy down some info for the most commonly used fabrics until I managed to get my hands on a more permanent copy. It seems to be a terrific reference.
  • I also took out Fine Machine Sewing by Carol Laflin Ahles. I'm not sure my Janome 4014 can handle all of the techniques mentioned, but this book is a good source of inspiration for me to modify things I already own or purchase at Goodwill that need a bit of personalization.
  • Finally, I took out The Vogue / Butterick Step-By-Step Guide to Sewing Techniques, This book is written in the same language as the patterns I use (duh, it's the same editors). I was hoping this book would offer a little more clarity on some of the trickier elements (such as the Vogue 1120 pocket construction issue), but I haven't spent more than 10 minutes with the book, so I may be mistaken.
I feel like every real post should have a picture. Even though I have no crafty updates, here is a picture of Molly. This is how I feel in weather such as this:

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