Simple Ribbon Skirt Tutorial

This is my first tutorial! I am trying my best to make sure the directions are clear, but please ask questions in the comment section if you need clarification. Enjoy!
You’ll need
1.25-1.5 yards fabric (I used embroidered linen, but really ~any~ fabric will do
2.5 yards 1.25” ribbon (Longer than what I used, but I think it’ll have a better result
1 yard of 1” elastic (or enough to go around your waist / hips)
  1. First you will want to take some measurements to cut the fabric .
    1. Measure the widest part (hips, thighs, waist) circumference…you’ll need this to make sure you can actually pull your skirt ON! =)
    2. Measure the length you want your skirt to be. I like longer skirts, so I just used the length of the fabric
  2. Next, you’ll want to cut your fabric. Take your circumference measurement and divide it by 2. I then added about 2” on each side for some fullness. Finally, mark the length of the skirt and make a slight taper like the one shown below.
  3. Now we’ll sew up the side seams. I used French seams (there are many online tutorials like here and here), but you could easily sew 0.5” from the edge and then zig-zag or serge the edges.
  4. At this point pull out your iron. At the TOP of the skirt, press 0.25” under.
  5. Now fold under another 1.5”. This will eventually be your casing. You should have a tiny bit (1/8”) on each side of the ribbon for later on (I’m showing the ribbon top so you can see)
  6. Open up the 1.5”. Decide where you want the ribbon bow to tie. It can be dead center, at one of the sides, or somewhere inbetween like I did. Place a pin exactly where you want the bow to be.
  7. Fold the fabric in half with the pin at one of the edges.
  8. Pin on the other side of the fold. You’ll use this pin to show where your ribbon will go. Crease your ribbon gently in half. Place this crease on the second pin (green in my pictures), and pin it down.

  9. You want all of your pinning to be BELOW the 1.5” fold, closer to the bottom the skirt.
  10. Sew down both sides of the ribbon as close to its edge as possible.
  11. Stop about 2" from the pin that marks the center of your bow.
  12. Fold the 1.5” of the top back down and re-pin.
  13. Re-sew along the same lines you did for the ribbon. Keep the small portion in the front of the skirt open. We’ll need that space to thread our elastic through.
  14. Decide where you want your skirt to hit. Waist? Hips? Measure this circumference and cut 1” shorter with the elastic.
  15. Add a safety pin to the edge of your elastic.
  16. Holding on to the nonpinned end of the elastic thread it through the tube. When you have come all the way around, sew the two pieces of elastic together.
  17. Sew the open place of the casing shut with a straight stitch, being sure not to catch the elastic.
  18. Hem your skirt in whatever way you prefer. I turned under 0.25”, turned under another 0.25”, and then sewed using a zig zag.
  19. Try on your skirt and love it!

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