Weekly Bread--White Bread

Hello TSKB Reader(s)!

As I have started to make more and more commercial food items from scratch (pierogies, red sauce, pasta), I have yearning to do bread. Ah, delicious starch.

But bread has eluded me. I am all about the quick breads--the yeast free ones. Yeast, our little Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is fussy. Picky. Needs just the right temperature. So I have been avoiding real bread. But as I was flipping through my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, they have a whole section on bread. And I decided to get started.

My goal is to make each type of bread mentioned in the cookbook that is considered a whole-loaf kind of bread. One a week. Until I get over my fear of yeast.

Week one was White Bread. Simple recipe: all purpose flour, yeast, milk, sugar, etc. Two things surprised be about this recipe. One, I am used to eggs in all my baking recipes, but these all seem to be egg-free! Two, I have used yeast to make soft pretzels (it is an activity I do with my biology students when we learn about fermentation and respiration), and you normally add it to warm water with sugar to activate. This recipe did it a completely different way.

Here's the bread:

Ryan loved it, but I felt like it was a little too yeasty for regular bread. We tried it in a sandwich, and it apparently dried out in the fridge while he was at work. So for me, unless this is something we will eat that day, that hour, it's probably not going to be made again. Oh well!

Bread Winners: 0
Bread Losers: 1

Next week--Whole Wheat Bread!

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