Yet another top

I want to make pants; I really do. But, I don't have the things required to make them.
I do have a pattern, and I do have information on making pants fit. But I lack notions. I lack fabric. I lack muslin fabric. And lastly, I lack a car to purchase these things.

But I am planning to get on it soon. As soon as my car actually returns to me.

In the meantime, from my limited fabric stash, I have few choices of things I can actually make. However, this pattern, Butterick 6573 is possible.Link
Image from Vintage Patterns Wiki.

I snagged this one at a yard sale a few years back. I did make View C but it was awful. I didn't understand topstitching, so the lining showed. It was far too small, and the darts were poorly made...

Anyway, I currently am working on View E. I have the fabric and thread...I'm lacking interfacing and buttons...but its at least SOMETHING to keep me occupied. I also want to put piping on both sides of the straps and along the top of the bust. I have never done piping before, so I thought I could learn a new skill while doing a relatively easy project.

Weekly bread is postponed. I need whole wheat flour to make whole wheat bread...and you know...the whole car thing.

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