Gone until Friday

I'll be heading to the beach for some much needed R&R with my dad, stepmom, and whichever other family members decide to stop down. However, I made sure there will be things to read--I have three pre-written posts that will be published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

In the pants front (haha! Because it's a picture of the front of the pants!), I finished the first muslin. I will go into the process when I get back, but I figured you would want to see a shot of the front. The fit (despite cutting a size 10 even though my measurements put me more at a 14...but the only reason I cut the size 10 was because I bought the pattern in sizes 4-6-8-10 only!) isn't too far off. I probably don't need to make any ground-breaking alterations, which makes me feel better.

Where do you go on vacation? Beach? Mountains? Stay at home?

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