Label Ribbon tape

I had made labels for myself a while back (with the help of Grumperina's tutorial), and then I lost them. So, I'm making label ribbon tape (an improvement on her idea), and I figured I could show you how I make it!

If you want to make your own labels, you'll need
  • T-Shirt Transfer Printer Paper
  • Ribbon (wide enough to fit your logo or design)
Most people already have a logo or name or design they want, but if you don't have one yet, now is the time to think of one! =)

To make everything uniform, I designed my labels in MS Excel. I was able to paste one label and then just use the cells to space everything out the way I wanted to and maximize the amount of labels I could get on a piece of paper.

When you're all ready to print, the most important thing you need to do is print backwards. In MS Excel, it is called mirror image, some programs call it reverse print, or you may just have to flip the image horizontally depending on what you're doing. This is so important especially if you have text! If you don't do this step, your words and images will come out backwards when ironed on!

At this point, go ahead and cut out a bunch of them. I like this method because I now have several labels on hand so I don't have to get all this stuff out every time I want a label.

Place your label side down on the ribbon. Using your iron on a medium setting, press and hold for about 30 seconds.

Placement is important. Because mine are designed vertically, I want to leave enough space in between each label so that I can fold the ribbon under. If you were making horizontal labels, you'd probably want 1/2-1" on either side since you can just tuck the little ends under (make sense?)
Keep going until you run out of ribbon, labels, or both. I got about 30 labels on 10 yards of ribbon, but depending on your size or design, you could get more or fewer.

Let them cool. I give it about 5 minutes. Peel off the backing and enjoy!

You're not limited to white ribbon, but I wouldn't go with anything too dark, otherwise you may not be able to see your design! One other consideration is heat. These labels will not stand up to direct ironing after the backing is removed, so you may want to think about that if you're using them on gifts or sold items.

And speaking of making your own labels, I spied this. Nay made her own packing for a handmade garment. How amazing is that? She also gives a mini how-to on her blog.
Image from Sweet LemoNAYde

Do you make labels or do you buy them?

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